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Does iBatis support generic TypeHandlerCallbacks spanning multiple



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I'm looking at doing something like this:

public class MyGenericTypeHandlerCallback<T> : ITypeHandlerCallback

then in my sqlmap i want to do:

  <typeAlias alias="MySpecialTypeHandler"

the key here is that MyGenericTypeHandlerCallback is defined and compiled in
myFirstAssembly, while MySpecialType is defined and compiled in a different
assembly, mySecondAssembly.

So when i try the alias above, iBatis complains (rightfully so) that it
can't find mysecondNamespace.MySpecialType. It's right to complain since i
did not tell it anything about mySecondAssembly.

so i tried:

  <typeAlias alias="MySpecialTypeHandler"
mySecondAssembly], myFirstAssembly"/>

but it doesn't like this either. Any creative idea as to how to make this
work? For a variety of reasons, i would rather not define the generic
MyGenericTypeHandlerCallback type in the same assembly as MySpecialType.

Any idea is welcome,

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