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.NET Tools for Creating and Editing iBATIS Data Mapper XML Files
(like iBATOR)

Geoffrey Roberts


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Fellow iBATIS C# .NET Users:


I am very new to iBATIS.  My employer uses iBATIS.NET for Data Mapping and DAO in its ASP.NET web applications, and one of the things we’re interested in is a development tool to ease the process of creating and maintaining the SQL Map XML files.  I am currently working on creating a .NET Win Forms GUI utility to empower users to visually add and edit the various SQL map elements (and possible some of the DAO artifacts as well) working side by side with a database connection and access to the .NET assemblies in which the target business objects reside).  My employer and I figured it was worth a try to see if this is something that’s already available out there in some fashion.


I was wondering:


1.       Does a tool like iBATOR or something else with similar functionality for iBATIS.NET already exist? If so, a) could someone please point me in the right direction, and b) is it open or closed source?

2.       If such a tool does not exist, and if there are others who feel a need for it, is there any interest in opening up a new hosted open source project to create such a tool?  We would definitely be willing to contribute code we’ve developed to such an effort.


I would greatly appreciate any help and feedback!




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