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Transaction across multiple SqlMapConfig



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first of all I want to apologize for my bad english, I'll try to do my best.

I have a problem and I can't work out the solution. My application is
divided in modules and for designing propuses every module has it's own
SqlMapConfig and Mapper.

The application is composed by Core + Modules. Every module is in a .DLL

Everything works fine except when it comes to transactions. Even if all the
SqlMapConfig shares the same conection string transactions are not working
properly. Every DAO created is seen as a separate conection. The escanario
is the following:

OpenTransaction Core

Insert into core object A
Insert into core object B

Insert into Module 1 object C
Insert into Module 2 object e

commit Core transaction

When I get to the line code: Insert into Module 1 object C I get a
connection timeout. That is because my transaction level is Serializable and
the database is expecting that the Transaction Core finishes before doing
something else. Ibatis is not seein both Mapper as the same connection.

Any ideas how I do that?

As a global idea I need transactions over DAO loaded by diferents SqlMaps
pointing to the same db.

hope I make everythying clear.

I would appreciate a lot any advice you can give me.

regards, jose

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