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Re: [castor-user] Parsing/Reading an XML text as below

Werner Guttmann


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On 31.05.2012 18:39, cato wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I'm a new Castor user!
> I have an XML file and I want to parse the text "Web Service URL". I have
> used a mapping data to map the following xml file (please see the mapping
> file) and I will get this ERROR: Illegal Text data found as child of:
> operand.
Which makes sense, as you have not told Castor XML to accept text
content as part of the <operand> element, which is what you are trying
to achieve, i.e. parsing mixed content.

Have a look at e.g. the reference guide (XML mapping) and look for
information about mapping Java properties as elements, attributes or

Kind regards

> I have created two java classes one for webservice and the other for
> Operand.
> thank you for your help :)
> xml.xml
> mapping.xml

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