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Re: [castor-user] An immediate fix required on CASTOR-3222

Werner Guttmann


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Hi John,

first you tell people on the user list to use other products because
Castor does not meed your expectations, now you are asking for an
immediate fix ?

Let me clarify a few things:

* This is an open source project.
* As such, feel free to contribute as much as you want or can ?
* If you supply me with a patch for the issue in question, I am more
than happy to assess it and commit it (if possible).
* Otherwise, please consider taking up professional services if you
really need urgent help.

Kind Regards
Werner Guttmann

On 07.06.2012 19:40, J p wrote:
> Hi Werner,
> As i am working on a hot project, i need an immediate response on the
> bug
> then only i can go further with my work.
> Please do the needful help on this issue
> Thanks,
> John

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