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[castor-user] <any> wildcards & Castor

Małgorzata Wolniewicz


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Dear castor users,

I am not sure if I understand documentation at page
It says:
Supported XML Schema Structures (...)
- Wildcard (<any>)

<any> is supported in the Source Generator and will map to an AnyNode. However full namespace validation is not yet implemented even though an AnyNode structure is fully namespace aware.
<anyAttribute> is currently not supported. It is a work in progress.

What does it mean? I understand that I can have one schema which defines there <any> elements. This schema can include another, which defines how this child section should look like, but Castor does not validate it during unmarshalling. Am I wrong? If I am wrong, I would be grateful if anyone could tell me more about the details, what exactly is possible using Castor.

Best regards,
Gosia Wolniewicz

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