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[castor-user] LockNotGrantedException only with Java 7

Daniel Bick


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I am using Castor JDO in my application for some years, but now we are stuck on a problem while migrating the application to Java 7:

Every time we try to commit our changes back to the database, Castor gives me a "LockNotGrantedException", caused by a time-out in class "org.exolab.castor.persist.ObjectLock". After some analysis and debugging, we are shure that there are no locks on the database at this time.

The problem is, this only happens with Java 7. Rolling back to Java 6 and we will never receive this error message.

Do you know this problem or are there some hints around how to avoid this?

We are using Castor 1.3.2 (1.3.3 rc1 also shows this behaviour) on an Oracle database.


Daniel Bick

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