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Re: [castor-user] lazy mappings always load their data

Werner Guttmann


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Hi Justin,

On 23.05.2013 20:56, Justin Case wrote:
> Hello group,
> I really don't get the idea of "lazy loading". From the Castor site I
> read the following:
> "Per definition, when an instance of Department is loaded through e.g.
> Database.load(), Castor will not (pre-)load the Employee instance
> referenced (as such reducing the size pf the initial query as well as
> the size of the result set returned). Only when the Emplyoee instance is
> accessed through Department.getEmployee(), Castor will load the actual
> object into memory from the persistence store.
> This means that if the Employee instance is not accessed at all, not
> only will the initial query to load the Department object have had its
> complexity reduced, but no performance penalty will be incurred for the
> additional access to the persistence store either."
> As a consequence, I would have expected that a lazy object if never
> accessed, will never be loaded into memory. This seems to not be the
> case. A code like the following:
>       Database db = _jdo.getDatabase();
>       db.begin();
>       OQLQuery query = db.getOQLQuery("SELECT product FROM " +
> Product.class.getName() + " product WHERE id = $1");
>       query.bind(new Integer(1));
>       QueryResults results = query.execute(AccessMode.ReadOnly);
>       Product product = (Product);
>       db.commit();
>       db.close();
> will load all the lazy mappings from the Product class (1:1 or whatever)
> during the commit() phase.
> Am I getting something wrong, or is it by design so?
How are you actually observing this behaviour ? I am really having
problems to replay such scenario.

> Thanks a lot,
> JC

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