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[castor-user] Question about Spring FactoryBeans for Castor XML

Zachariah Young


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I'm trying to wire up Castor with Spring.  I have read but I'm getting and error when I run my app.  I'm getting the following error.

Cannot find class [org.castor.spring.xml.XMLContextFactoryBean]

I have tried both Java 1.5 and 1.6. and Spring 2.5.6 and Spring 3.  I'm trying to use Castor 1.3.1

I found the snapshot for Spring-xml and tried that but the package name was not the same.

Then I found this little gem by doing a google search  But I'm not able to find a 1.3.1 version.

Since the documentation does not state that I should include an additional jar file I just assumed that I was in one of the core jar files.

Also in my search I have discovered that Spring has Castor so should I be using that instead.

If someone could post a good blog post on how to set this up that would be GREAT!!!!

Zachariah Young

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