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Porting an existing J2EE application : weblogic -> jboss

Peter Petrov



Hi all,

We have a task of porting a complex existing J2EE application which is
currently running on weblogic 7.0 to jboss 3.2.x.

I have one very high-level and one concrete question.

1) In general what is the right point to start from when such a task arises
The application is pretty complex ( though not rocket science of course ).
There are
parts of it which are nicely implemented and parts which are badly
Another factor is we don't know everything about it from a business point of
So does anyone have an idea what kind of plan can we make at first about the
steps we
should take for implementing that porting to JBoss.
The plan would be for our own usage. I think it could can also help
maintaining a clear idea of the steps we follow during the process a porting
and also give
us a mechanism for estimating our progress in implementing the task.
Having even unprecise or too high-level plan and mechanism is still better
then having no
such plan/mechanism at all.

2) My second question is more technical, more specific. Has anyone used this
ort ?
If so what do you think about it ? Is it applicable and really doing its job
One more thing - on the page I mention above they say this tool is
applicable for
Weblogic 6.1 while our application is running on Weblogic 7.0.
Could that be a big problem if choosing the above tool as a helper one for
the port to JBoss.

Peter Petrov

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