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Mich Hagdishovich


Is there a pattern/library to quickly find the current load or throughput (in terms of flops or math expressions per second) for a machine?

The exact problem that motivated this is:

We have a few machines, that are performing differently due to different hw specs and different loads. So, I am just writing a small benchmarking program that only consists of some simple mathematical program (I chose Quick sort, simply because I had the source code) and enclosing it in System.currentTimeMillis() to get the throughput. Needless to say, I will run the same program (main class) under same JRE and same memory and OS settings on all different machines.

The task is fairly straightforward, but I just wanted to check if there is a known library, or a known design pattern that facilitates benchmarking.

Also, I do realize that benchmarking can be done using any PL (not just Java), so if you have links for somethin in C, that would work too, and in that case I apologize for polluting this forum with this slightly broader question.


Mich Hagdishovich
Genetics Software

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