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Re: [jdom-interest] get encoding of an old xsd-file

Raphael Schnuck



I solved the problem on another way. I just get the first line out of my
old file and replace the first line of the new file with it. Not the
best solution but it works.


Michael Kay schrieb:
>>>i just have a problem. i want to find out the encoding of an old
>>>xsd-file. but i don't know how.
> In general, if you don't know the encoding of a file then there is no way to
> find out. For example there is no way for a machine to tell the difference
> between a file in iso-8859-1 and one in iso-8859-2. A human being can do
> better, because even in a schema, accented letters are likely to appear in
> the middle of words that make sense in some written language. So you just
> have to try different possibilities and see if they make sense.
> Michael Kay
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