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[jdom-interest] Question on xerces.jar and other helper jars

Christian Chua



We released a product that included these four JDOM helpers:
Also, from the JDOM README file:
JDK 1.4 includes XML parser and transformation classes, so if you're
using JDK 1.4+ you don't really need to worry about most of the JARs
in this directory.  However, you might want to add xerces.jar and
xml-apis.jar to your classpath so JDOM will use Xerces 2.4.0 instead
of the default JDK parser Crimson 1.1.  You can also use xalan.jar to
use Xalan 2.5_D1 instead of the older Xalan that comes with the JDK.
See below.
For JDK 1.3 and earlier users, you'll want to add xerces.jar,
xml-apis.jar, and xalan.jar to your classpath.  Or you can use any
third party parser too.
All users should add jaxen-core.jar, jaxen-jdom.jar, and saxpath.jar
to their classpath to use the XPath features in JDOM.
We're now trying to reduce the size of our applet archive.
My questions are: 
        - Can we safely remove the four jar files above?  and just rely on the JRE 1.4.2 rt.jar class files ?
        - What is the difference between Xerces 2.4.0 and Crimson 1.1 ?  
        - Would it cause errors to go from Xerces 2.4.0 (in version 1 of my app) to Crimson 1.1 (in version 2 of my app) ?
        - What is the difference between Xalan 2.5_D1 and the "older Xalan that comes with the JDK" ?
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