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[jdom-interest] Error in parsing wsdl file using jdom

Madhuraj S V



I am a newbie to JDom.
I am trying a parse a wsdl file  named CalculatorService to get the value of the message attribute of input element which happens to be the child of operation element.
i created a Xpath  instance for /definitions/portType/operation[@name ="add"]
but when i say xpath.selectNodes()  it returns empty list even though it has element with the given value
please find the code snippet i used
StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
sb.append("/definitions/portType/operation[@name = \"");
Document doc = File(" CalculatorService.wsdl"));
Namespace ns = Namespace.getNamespace("wsdl", "");
XPath xp = XPath.newInstance(sb.toString ());
List ele = xp.selectNodes(doc);
System.out.println(" the list is "+ele);
any help please in getting the correct values
Awaiting ur response

Madhu Raj
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