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[jdom-interest] Modify an xml thru JDOM

Roberto Marra



Hi guys Im new in this list & new with JDOM, so "hi" to everybody & thanx for your precious comments & helps.
My question is:
Let say that I got an XML file like this one:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<righeOrdine nrOrd="1">
 <id art="292">
  <descrizione>PET FILM CORONA OUTSIDE</descrizione>
 <id art="293">
  <descrizione>PET PVDC COATED</descrizione>
what I would like to do is thru JDOM update just some value of the <id art="293">, let say I would update the "codice" from 110071 to 112071. Im sure is possible to do that, can you just suggest me some tips&tricks to do it? (of course using java)
Any help is appriciated

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