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[ANNOUNCE] Defining your own Functions in XQuery

Stylus Studio


[ANNOUNCE] Hello Everyone,

Stylus Studio has just released a new XQuery tutorial entitled:
Defining your own Functions in XQuery. This tutorial allows developers
to learn how to leverage powerful XQuery functions. "Defining your own
Functions in XQuery" was written by, Dr. Michael Kay, founder of
Saxonica. You can read the tutorial online at:

This new tutorial "Defining your own Functions in XQuery" covers the
following topics:

• A simple XQuery function example
• The function name
• XQuery Function arguments
• The result type
• The function body
• Modules and Schemas
• Documenting XQuery functions
• Using Functions to Mask Schema Complexity • Writing Recursive Queries

You can download a free trial of Stylus Studio at:

The Stylus Studio Team

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