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 2.0.0.Alpha released! - NOT WORKING


I am not sure about what you and I thought originally that it was a bug, maybe it is not after all. The guys from jboss can confirm that, but I think it actually suposed to be like that: looks like they changed the UI for launching JBoss servers and deploying to it, so you do not get that [Debug] -> [ JBoss x.x.x] options. It is done via New - > Server wizzard. I guess we were a bit lazy to read the docs (if they are any).
But another thing I noticed was that you can deploy ear's, war's (but not sar's) to the server, but you do not seem to be able to take it off anymore: even if you try undeploy from the IDE the file stays on the JBoss deployment folder. Otherwize I think it looks prettier (pitty it does not function). One constructive criticism I have to make: even though it looks prettier, it is a little more confusing than the older clean cut functional UI.


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