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First off, thank you for the reply. Any help I can get is appreciated. Second, with regards to your comment:

> To be honest without wanting to offend you, I think you do not (yet)
> have a pretty good understanding of the components of jBPM.

I'd just ask you to consider your motivation and intended helpful purpose for posting such a comment. For one, I'm here asking a question, so of course there's something about jBPM I do not know -- that's the whole purpose for the forum. You might as well post this "you do not have...good understanding" comment as a reply to everyone who posts a question. Additionally, does such a comment help? Does it encourage others who might be afraid to ask to post their questions? And in general, does it promote a general courteous atmosphere here on the forum? Or should we all give our own subjective zingers every time we have an opportunity to point out that someone else's understanding isn't as superior as our own?

Ok, leaving the issue of basic courtesy behind, here's where I'm coming from technically:

1. There are a number of bugs in the ant files. It is clear that they were not fullly tested.

2. The documentation is incorrect in places, which causes questions, so I apologize if my questions seem elementary, but I'm attempting to clarify the intent of jBPM usage, which isn't always clear from the documentation.

3. Regarding your answers:

1: "If they are deployed in the db" -- in the examples, I see a runtiime method of deployment where a process is uploaded to the server. I also see in the examples, programmatically loading a process definition from a file. Obviously, I want to do neither of these. When JBoss is started/restarted, I want the process definitions to be loaded and stored into the database once, without manual intervention, like every other JBoss archive is handled. I also do not want to have to manually load these process definitions from a file. The examples which do so are helpful, but they somewhat suggest that this is something that you'd need to do, rather than let some central engine load these for you. If I have missed the specific part of the documentation which addresses this, please direct me to it (link) -- it would be helpful not to give a blanket "its in the docs" comment. I'm asking the question as a result of reading the docs.

For starters, that would be good. Please understand that I've gone through the examples, run successful unit tests, converted my database to Oracle, run successful db tests (I might add here that the documentation and ant files need some help), and read the documentation (which also needs help), have read some source code, and I'm still having questions. Understand that other BPM engines have different architectures, (which I've recently evaluated), so I'm asking questions to be clear, rather than make wrong assumptions.

Again, your response, and any future ones, are greatly appreicated.



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