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[Announce] Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite Released: XML Pipeline, XML Publishing and Data Conversion API's

Stylus Studio


[Announce] Dear Servlet Interest -

Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite is now available for free
trial download, featuring all-new tools for XML Pipelining, XML
Publishing, powerful new Data Conversion APIs and so much more at new
reduced prices. Read on for more information, or download it now at:

The Stylus Studio XML Pipeline tool is the world's first true
integrated development environment for XML programming because it
provides a comprehensive way to model, edit, debug, and deploy the
entire application, rather than just the individual bits and pieces
that make it up. The following are some of the highlights of the new
Stylus Studio XML Pipeline tool -

* Visual editor: lets you specify and link together any number of XML
processing operations to be applied to your data
* Support for dozens of XML processing operations including
converting, transforming, validating, querying, and publishing your data
* Re-use XML Pipelines inside other XML Pipelines
* Complete XML Pipeline debugging support
* Cross-language debugging support -- step into XSLT or XQuery
* Define pipeline flow control based on different conditions, for
example, the outcome of an XML validation operation, or the result of
an XPath expression
* Generate Java code to deploy an entire XML application, not just one piece
* Extensible execution framework enables developers to choose
different processors for XML validation, XSLT, XSL:FO, and XQuery

XML Pipeline Video Demonstration:
For more information about XML Pipeline:

The Stylus Studio XML Publisher product provides the easiest way to
create professional quality reports from your XML and relational data
without needing a degree in Computer Science. The following are just a
few of the highlights of Stylus Studio XML Publisher product:

* Visually design stylesheets and publish them to PDF, HTML,
PostScript and other document formats.
* Access numerous data sources including relational databases, XML,
Web services, EDI, X12, EDIFACT, IATA, CSV and thousands of other
legacy file formats.
* Generate XQuery or XSLT 1.0 / XSLT 2.0 to generate XSL:FO or HTML output.
* Integration with RenderX XEP and Apache FOP.
* Support for rich formatting including tables, lists, text blocks,
images, and more.
* Support for iteration, flow control, and conditions based on XPath.
* Integration with XML Pipeline enables XML publishing as part of a
larger XML workflow application.

XML Publisher Video Demonstration:
For more information about XML Publisher:

Data Conversion APIs are scalable XML adapters for reading and writing
different legacy file formats such as EDI (EDIFACT, X12, IATA, or
EANCOM), CSV, dBase, binary, or any other file format. If you're
dissatisfied using a desktop application to manually cut and paste
results every time you need to convert some data from one format or
another, or if you need to invoke data conversions programmatically,
inside your application code for use in a live application, then check
out Stylus Studio 2007 XML Deployment Adapters!

For more information about Data Conversion API's:

Download a free trial today at:
New Features:
Purchase Stylus Studio:

The Stylus Studio Team

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