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The 2nd session of free "16-week Ajax programming (with Passion!)" online course strats from Feb 12th

Sang Shin


The first session of the free 10-week "Ajax programming (with Passion!)"
course is finished as of Dec. 22nd, 2006. The 2nd session, which is
extended to 16 week duration, is going to start from Feb. 12th, 2007.

This course is for anyone who wants to learn Ajax for the first time or
increase their knowledge on Ajax. In this course, students learn basic
concept and technologies of Ajax such as JavaScript, CSS, and DOM as
well as how to use various Ajax frameworks and toolkits such as Dojo
toolkit, jMaki, Direct Web Remoting (DWR), Google Web Toolkit (GWT),
Ajax-enabled JavaServer Faces (JSF), DynaFaces, ZK framework. Each topic
is accompanied by hands-on lab in which NetBeans ready projects are
provided so that students can readily build and run various Ajax
applications using these frameworks.

For registration and course FAQ, please go to the course websites below. (Course homesite) (Topics) (Registration) (FAQ) (Graduates)

Please feel free to forward this email to anyone who might be
interested. Thanks much.

-Sang Shin
        Sang Shin, sang.shin@(protected)
      (Life is worth living... with Passion!)
Free 16-week Ajax Programming online course starts from Feb 12th

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