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Using tomcat as client application

Danilo Cubrovic



Hi all.

I seen this thing I need exists for php years ago but not sure is anyone
make this with tomcat.

I have web application (java jsf+xml) that works fine on tomcat.
I also have some significant numebr of users that use client version of this
program (java applet+xml)
In most of the part this is sthe same code except for the presentation
Well , ass you all know, this is pain in the a.. when you have to work
parallel on two version plus web version is much better in many ways.

What I'm intersting is next thing.
Can I pack somehow web application and tomcat and install it on user client
(I will create setup.exe and send iton cd like client they use now)
So when client click on shortcut on his/her pc (all of them are windows
operated) he gets this application started via tomcat.
Well there is trick. In order to work with all firewalls dont want to start
tomcat as classic webserver but to use it as background application to
handle requests and generate pages ...
Is there some tomcat solution that can work like this?

Danilo Cubrovic
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