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Questions about Apache Portable Runtime on Tomcat 5.5.x

Allen Young



Hi all,

I've used tomcat for quite a long time but not until last week did I notice
the APR stuff. Since I don't quite understand a few things, I want to ask
your folks.

First, how can I use APR on a windows install version of tomcat 5.5.x. I've
found several tutorials about setting APR, all of which are about adding
something in catalina.bat. As you can see, windows install version doesn't
have that file but do contains a tcnative-1.dll file in the "bin" directory.
So how can I use APR on a windows install version? Or it has been
automatically used already?

Second, according to my understanding, APR will increase the rendering speed
of static web pages remarkably. So why not all the tomcat distributions open
APR setting automatically?

Thanks for answering.

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