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Chris Pat


I am trying understand how to use the bean:page with the different
properties, application, config, response, request, session, and I
understand the simple syntax. What I dont know is what properties I can
"get at" with what syntax for the bean:write tag for each of the properties
of the bean:page property to be output

For example what is the application property that will give me the URL for
the full context of the present webapp? I have an applet and all its signed
jars directly off the webapp context. How can I get these two bean tags to
put in the applet codebase attribute :
codebase="http://localhost:8089/webapp/" dynamically so I can launch my
applet. The applet runs fine as a simple html file with no codebase,
obviously it is defaulting where the html is located on the webserver. I
now want to switch this over to a tomcat webapp. Ideas? tia!
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