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Re: [iText-questions] Flattening combo boxes

Paulo Soares


iText can fill forms created by anything. Even the form you created works
correctly, the reason it doesn't flatten is that you created it as "visible
but don't print".


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From: "Mira Al Arab" <mira_al_arab@(protected)>
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Sent: Friday, August 24, 2007 1:50 PM
Subject: Re: [iText-questions] Flattening combo boxes

To. Mr. Soares,

That will not help because eventually I will need to fill in forms created
by other tools not ones I create through iText.

I tried the same code for pdf Forms I generated using a tool called PDFill
and the same thing is happening when I flatten the forms.

Also, my company will (or has already) order the book for me so hopefully I
will have it very soon.

Mira Al Arab.
> From: psoares@(protected)>
> Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 13:37:54 +0100> Subject: Re: [iText-questions]
> Flattening combo boxes> > Create the combo using TextField. The tutorial
> is outdated and this is > described in the book.> > Paulo> > -----
> Original Message ----- > From: "Mira Al Arab" <mira_al_arab@(protected)>>
> To: <itext-questions@(protected)
> 9:36 AM> Subject: [iText-questions] Flattening combo boxes> > > > Hello
> all, I am new to iText and am facing a problem when filling a form. >
> First, the form is created using the example in the online tutorial. It >
> creates a combo box with three values ('Red', 'Green', 'Blue' ). The exact
> > code is in the example: com.lowagie.examples.forms.FormCombo You get the
> > attached form: combo.pdf Then code to select the value from the combo
> box is > written and the form is flattened.> PdfReader reader = new
> PdfReader( 'combo.pdf');> PdfStamper chooser = new PdfStamper( reader, new
> > FileOutputStream('combo_selected.pdf'));> > AcroFields fields =
> chooser.getAcroFields();> > > > fields.setField( 'ACombo', 'Blue' );> >
> chooser.setFormFlattening( true ); chooser.close(); This result is a >
> form with nothing on it: the attached form combo_selected.pdf I checked
> the > mailing lists but couldn't find anything that would explain this
> behaviour. > I tried on both iText 1.5.3 and iText 2.0.4. Thankyou in
> advance for your > time. Mira Al Arab.> >
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