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Re: [iText-questions] Splitting into single pages size problem




Will Simpson wrote:
> I wondered if there is something odd about the original PDF. Has anyone
> else experienced anything similar?

This question has already been answered.

Let me adapt a small example I used in the book.
It's elementary math.

Suppose you have a resource that is 1KB,
and you need to produce a PDF with that
resource and 0.1KB of data on each page.

Then the resulting PDF will be approximately:
(100 x 0.1) + 1 KB = 11 KB.

If you burst this PDF, you'll end up with
100 pages that each have the 1KB resource
and the 0.1KB content. That's approximately:
(1KB + 0.1KB) x 100 = 110 KB.

This resource could be anything: an image,
a font, some recurring PDF syntax.
That's what the original answer implied.
There's nothing mysterious about it.
What part of the answer was unclear to you?

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