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Re: Struts 2: Unable to catch exceptions via




the previous posting seems to not like the \<param\>

You are right... I am just trying to catch those rare events.

Now here's something crazy: (and I have checked, and double checked,
restarted server, etc).
BUT if I add a &lt;param&gt to my action, the exception mapping WORKS. If I
take it away, the exception is
not caught.

<action name="*" class="com.opensymphony.xwork2.ActionSupport">
      &lt;param name="foo">bar</param&gt;
      <interceptor-ref name="exception" />
      <interceptor-ref name="defaultStack" />
      <result type="velocity">/templates/screens/{1}.vm</result>

That works like a charm, remove the foo/bar and I get 500 error. struts.xml
file is the same as I posted.

Any ideas?
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