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[iText-questions] iText 2.0.6 released + vacation




Hello all,

this afternoon I released iText 2.0.6.

There isn't a lot of new functionality apart from support for
JPEG2000 (jp2 and j2k) and base64 encoded images in XFA, but
the release fixes a lot of problems that were reported with
respect to iText 2.0.5.

You can check the change log here:

Note that I will be on vacation for two weeks.

I won't be able to answer a lot of mail during these two weeks,
but starting in November I will work half time again for half
a year. The main reason is to have more time to work on iText.
My plans involve:
- writing a business plan for an iText company.
- writing a book proposal for a second book about PDF
 (in general, not just about iText).
- working on RUPS, a tool that is already available in
 the SVN repository of the iText toolbox, but that still
 needs some work before it can be released.

But first: two weeks of vacation (at the filmfestival in Ghent).

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