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Re: [iText-questions] padding in PDF417...

Paulo Soares


I don't see anything wrong but, who knows. Posta a complete example needed
to create the barcode, including the data.


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Please look the sample of the image generated I attached.

I understand the padding can't be remove if it is using only a few columns
of the rows in order to complete the number of columns by row.

But as you can see the padding is using approximately the last 5 rows
completely. In this case I think it can be remove because it is using all
the row.
I tested another generators and i can get the image with and without
Due to above comment i'm sure i can do the same with your project but i
want to know to say that to your code. It should be very simple. I only must
set a combinations of options of object BarcodePDF417 i think. I was trying
to combine them but really i can't find it.

Sincerely thanks you very much for your time,


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