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Subject: - Page flow and facelet templates

Subject: - Page flow and facelet templates

2007-10-01       - By chawax


In a Seam application, I use JPDL to define pageflows. All pages of my
application use facelet templates. All transitions defined in my pageflow work
well, but I have a problem with links defined in my template, for example in a
header : they throw a "Illegal navigation" error. What I understood from this
message is that you can't go to a transition that is not modeled in JPDL. So I
guess I should model it in my JPDL. But when you model your page flow with JPDL
, you can't guess which links will exist in the template ! And just imagine you
add a new link in the template, does it mean you have to change all your
pageflows ? So is there a way to prevent Seam (or JBPM engine ; I don't know
exactly if it's a Seam or JBPM problem) from checking navigation for some links

A piece of my JPDL pageflow definition :

<page name="confirmationDemandeur" view-id="/confirmationDemandeur.xhtml">
 |           <redirect/>
 |         <transition name="suivant" to="choixMotif"></transition>
 |         <transition name="changerDemandeur" to="choixDemandeur"></transition>
 | </page>

The corresponding JSF page :

<html     xmlns:s=""
 |           xmlns:ui=""
 |           xmlns:f=""
 |           xmlns:h=""
 |           xmlns:rich=""
 |      xmlns:a4j="">
 | <ui:composition template="templates/template.xhtml">
 | <ui:define  name="body">
 |     <h:messages globalOnly="true" styleClass="message"/>
 |     <rich:panel >
 |     <f:facet name="header">Demande d'absence - Demandeur</f:facet>
 |     <p>Choisissez le demandeur</p>
 |     <h:form>
 |   <div>
 |     <h:outputText value="#{demandeAbsence.matriculeDemandeur}" />
 |     -
 |     <h:outputText value="#{demandeAbsence.infosDemandeur}" />
 |   </div>
 |   <div>
 |     <h:commandButton id="cmdAutreDemandeur" value="Autre demandeur" action=
"changerDemandeur" />
 |     <h:commandButton id="cmdContinuer" value="Continuer" action="suivant" />
 |   </div>
 |   </h:form>
 |     </rich:panel>
 | </ui:define>
 | </ui:composition>
 | </html>

The template.xhtml template :

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
 |                       "
 | <html xmlns=""
 |       xmlns:ui=""
 |       xmlns:h=""
 |       xmlns:f=""
 |       xmlns:s="">
 | <head>    
 |     <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8 (See" />
 |     <link href="css/theme.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
 | </head>
 | <body>
 |     <ui:include src="menu.xhtml" />
 |     <div class="body">
 |   <ui:insert name="body"/>
 |     </div>
 | </body>
 | </html>

The menu.xhtml :

 |      xmlns=""
 |      xmlns:ui=""
 |      xmlns:h=""
 |      xmlns:f=""
 |      xmlns:s=""
 |      xmlns:rich="">
 |      <rich:toolBarGroup>
 |          <s:link view="/home" value="Accueil" />
 |      </rich:toolBarGroup>  
 | </rich:toolBar>

The problem deals with the /home link.

I work with Seam 2.0.0.CR1 and JBPM 3.2.2
Any help appreciated ;)
Thanks in advance

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