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Re: Implementing HttpSession

Mark Thomas



lightbulb432 wrote:
> There are a couple of methods I'm having trouble understanding how to
> implement. The first is isNew(). Looking through the StandardSession code, I
> can't tell exactly when to set this to true and false - all I know is that
> initially upon session creation on the server (e.g. in
> ManagerBase.createSession()), the "new" property is set to true. In what
> cases is it set to false, and how would a web application developer use this
> method?

See SRV.16.1.7 (towards the end of the section) for this

> How can you tell Tomcat to use your implementation of HttpSession, so that
> when you call request.getSession(), it returns that object?

Write your own manager implementation.

> In the above case, would Tomcat take care of calling setMaxInactiveInterval
> and providing a value for getServletContext()?



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