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Re: Webapp load order tomcat 4 vs tomcat 5

David Smith


Webapp load order is indeed pretty much by chance. No guarantee has
ever been made regarding any start order. I would recommend you add
code to app1 so it can gracefully deal with the chance app2 is not


King, Sean wrote:

> Hi all,
>I have two webapps that need to interact with each other. One is a fully
>expanded webapp ( app1 ) and the other is expanded from a war file (
>app2.war ).
>For the application to run correctly, app2 must be deployed and start
>before app1. Using tomcat 5 this does not seem to be a problem. When I
>start tomcat, app2 is deployed and then app1 starts and is able to
>access jars in app2. I am hoping that this start order is not just pure
>I am now trying to port the application back to tomcat 4. Unfortunately
>I am consistently seeing that app1 starts first and then app2 is
>deployed from the war. Since app1 depends on app2 this is a major
>Is there any way in tomcat 4 to force the war file to be deployed first?
>Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>Sean King
>Computer Associates
>Software Engineer
>Tel: +1 603 334 2168
>Fax: +1 603 334 2934

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