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How to increase Tomcat webserver speed?





I have a server running Apache Tomcat 5.5 with my Java application. This
Java application uses MySQL 4.1.x and is very server resource intensive. The
application makes a lot of calls to database to gather various information
which is used for reports. My server is AMD 3200+ with 2GBs of RAM and 80gb
Tomcat has 800MB of RAM allocated for it. Currently the whole server has
1.5GB of RAM used, so around 700-800MB is used by the system. The machine
runs Redhat EL4 and Plesk.

I would like to ask you, guys, how can I increase the speed of my Tomcat
webserver, so the application would work faster?

Currently I ran a stress test with 10 users browsing through my application
pages (members area) and I have noticed that it takes an average 5-10
seconds to load the page. I need to increase the site loading speed much
more, so the page loading would be much faster. The server load during the
test was around 2.5% of CPU. System use 1.5 of RAM constantly (800MBs is
allocated for Tomcat).

Do you have any recommendations, anything? Should I add additional RAM?
Should I upgrade to faster CPU? Do you have any recommendations on how could
I optimize the server's software so it would work faster.
All thoughts, advice and everything is welcome.

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