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Re: [tomcat]How to decrypt the DIGEST authentication?

Mark Thomas


zhongliang zhang wrote:
> Thanks a lot.I think I got another way to solve the group hierarchical problem,but I am not sure about it. maybe you can help me to confirm it:I wrote the SQL??as followed:create or replace view groupview asselect      usertable.username,     decode(usertable.locked,0,'Authorizers','UnAuthorizers') as groupnamefrom     usertablewhere in the usertable there is a field named locked that indicates whether the user is locked. so now I can allow everyone in the database to login to the system if the user is Authorizers,and I judge the user's role.The reason I do so is because there are existed API for doing all these and there are more than thousand users in the database,though the userid and groupid never be the same.Now I got another problem,the password stored in the database is encrypted,which is a common way,but the encrypting method is not using some sql script but SHA.So,How can I parse the clear-text that I input to SHA password and then compare with that sto
>  in the database? Is there a way that I can capture the clear-text password and using SHA to encode it then compare it with the password stored in the database?


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