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Re: [iText-questions] How generate the PDF417 with special font?



Marcel Gil Vega wrote:
> As you know there are two ways to create the pdf417 image:
> -a bitmap directly paint pixel to pixel(*case with screens and inkjet
> printers*)

That's something that has to happen OUTSIDE iText,
because iText doesn't create the barcode as a bitmap
with pixels.

> -getting the codewords and draw the string with the pdf417 font(*with a
> laser printer*)

A font is a program containing the shapes in the form
of operators and operands that explain how different
glyphs are drawn.

You are overlooking the third way (the iText way):
drawing the PDF417 using PDF syntax.

> I try to print the first case with printer laser but the result is not
> perfect. Then i'm trying to do that with the second case and i want to
> know how can i do that with your code.

Your question is very confusing.

Why do you keep on talking about printers? PDF is device
independent! If you print a PDF with a low resolution
printer, the result won't be perfect, even if the PDF417
in the PDF is drawn using vectors.
Of course, if the barcode is a raster image (for instance
a JPEG), the result will be bad on any printer, but I don't
understand why you keep on talking about creating a PDF417
as a raster images with pixels. That's not how it's done
in iText. Are you sure you are using iText?


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