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Re: [iText-questions] Problems with iText 2.0.6,
 PDFGraphics2D and embedding Truetype fonts

Paulo Soares


Did you register the fonts in mFontMapper? That's explained in page 362 of
the book.


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From: "Steve Ménard" <menard.steve@(protected)>
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Sent: Saturday, November 03, 2007 5:49 AM
Subject: [iText-questions] Problems with iText 2.0.6,PDFGraphics2D and
embedding Truetype fonts

>I am trying to generate a PDF files using the low-level Graphics2D
> support (for various reasons ...)
> That works well, except for font handling.
> For some reason, the PDFGraphics2D.setFont() call seems to have little
> effect.
> I have searched the mailing list archives for an answer, and found
> nothing.
> I create the graphics2D the following way :
>  PdfContentByte cb = mWriter.getDirectContent();
>  mCurrentGraphics =
> cb.createGraphics(PageSize.LETTER.getWidth(),PageSize.LETTER.getHeight(),
> mFontMapper);
> The java code that draws on the Graphics2D does nto get the Font
> object directly, rather I do the following, in an attemp to make sure
> iText sees the font :
>  BaseFont bf =
> BaseFont.createFont("c:/windows/fonts/"+aResource,BaseFont.WINANSI,
> BaseFont.EMBEDDED);
>  Font javaFont = mFontMapper.pdfToAwt(bf, aSize);
> The resulting javaFont is used in the call to PDFGraphics2D.setFont().
> The resulting PDF file does NOT use the correct font. looking at the
> document information, the font didn't even get embedded (only
> Helvetica is there).
> I know the javaFont is correct, since if I convert the text to a Shape
> and fill it, the correct font is used. However, since the path is what
> actually gets stored, the resulting PDF file is HUGE. Not a working
> solution for me.
> So what am I doing wrong? is the font not getting embedded. because it
> is only used by Graphics2D ?
> Any help is appreciated .. this is a major roadblock in a
> time-sensitive endeavor.
> thanks.
> --
> Steve Menard

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