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[jdom-interest] JDOM 1.1 Release Candidate

Jason Hunter



I just posted a JDOM 1.1 release candidate for download!

This download is ready to go as far as I'm concerned, but I'm offering
it up as a release candidate preview because I want your help to make sure.

Please download the 1.1 candidate here:   // Unix     // Windows

(The only difference is the line endings.)

Try the new build against your existing program(s). Let me know (you
can send private mail) if it works or if it doesn't. Either way I'd
like to know. I won't call this build final until I get a few OK's for
each build.

Two main things I want to verify:

* I built this with Java 5 using a Java 1.2 target. Will this still
work on older JVMs?

* Did I miss anything in packaging up the build? It's been a while. :)

I'm calling it 1.1 instead of 1.0.1 because there are some new public
properties, methods, and constructors.

Here's the list of additions and changes, from the CHANGES.txt file:

Added an additional constructor to JDOMSource with an EntityResolver
which is passed to the internal DocumentReader allowing the SAXOutputter
to properly resolve DTDs.

Added a forceNamespaceAware property to DOMOutputter which specifies you
want a DOM constructed with namespaces even if the source JDOM document
has no namespaces.

Added support for attribute "INF" and "-INF" values, to indicate
positive and negative infinity, as XML Schema allows.

Moved isXMLWhitespace() method from private in XMLOutputter to public in

Clarified XMLOutputter behavior with newlines and indents:
 setIndent(" ") means newlines and " " indents
 setIndent("") means newlines and "" indents
 setIndent(null) means no newlines and no indents

Added set/getIgnoringBoundaryWhitespace() methods and features to
SAXBuilder and SAXHandler.

Added a string constant for the JDOM_OBJECT_MODEL_URI used by JAXP 1.3.
It deserves being part of the public API.

Fixed bug in SAXOutputter where default namespaces would be declared as
xmlns:="" with a spurious colon.

Fixed bug when using attributes without a namespace and outputting to a

Removing check that a comment not start with a hyphen. A careful reading
of production 15 in the XML 1.0 spec indicates leading hyphens are in
fact allowed.

Fixed bug where outputFragment() on SAXOutputter could cause a
NullPointerException because the locator would be null during the call.

Fixed bug where serializing ElementFilter causes a NullPointerException
if the filter has no assigned namespace

Fixed some subtle bad behaviors in listIterator.add() logic, using brand
new iterator logic.

Allowed a String to be passed to ContentList.add(int, Object).

Simplified JDOMAbout and renamed info.xml to jdom-info.xml, so
getResourceAsStream() won't suffer any name collision.

Fixed tiny issue where CDATA could be set with illegal character content.

Added logic to escape some special characters in namespace URIs.

Fixed bug where the attribute type would change on a setAttribute() call.

Improved performance on Namespace handling.

Improved and clarified Javadocs.

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