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RE: [jdom-interest] XSLTransformer.transform method - thread safe?

Michael Kay


The JDOM XSLTransformer class is really just a wrapper for a JAXP Templates
object, so it ought to be thread-safe. Bugs are always possible, but they
need evidence!

Note that when you do a Saxon transformation using this mechanism, it copies
the input from a JDOM tree to a Saxon tree. It's also possible to do a
transformation using Saxon that operates on the JDOM tree without copying,
by creating a net.sf.saxon.jdom.DocumentWrapper and supplying that as the
Source object. (However, this won't always perform better - it depends what
the transformation is actually doing).

There's only been one multithreading bug detected in Saxon over the last
year [1], and that only affects XQuery.

Michael Kay


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> Hi,
> I've just had an XSL transform go VERY weird, and I think it
> may be that two threads tried to use the same XSLTransformer
> object at the same time.
> The result seemed to be that it returned the untransformed data.
> I'm using the Saxon 8.9 XSLT2.0 Engine, and also there are
> some SAXON-SQL queries in the XSLT in question.
> The Javadoc states that the XSLTransformer is thread safe,
> but I'm not sure if I've either found an issue with this, or
> if there's something not threadsafe in the Saxon implementation.
> Any suggestions as to how I could confirm this would be
> appreaciated as I've not done much in the way of
> multi-threaded debugging.
> Yours,
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