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quickstart and date range validator



I modified the quickstart demo application by adding person.dateOfBirth
and person.age to  do some tests with the validators.
I added a an intrange validator on the age and a daterangevalidator
and a regex validator on the date of birth plus
additional required validators on the new fields.

Everything works except for the daterangevalidator.

I get the error message in the console

SEVERE: Validation error invalid date ( my validation message)

No error message shows on the web page and the invalid date
gets inserted.

If I add extends ActionSupport or ValidationAwareSupport
or implements Valideateble or ValidationAware

nothing shows up in the console, I get no invalid date message on the web
page but the
invalid info does not get inserted.

Why won't the date range validator work when the others do?
Is it something with type conversion?

Also, if I add min and max to my error message, only the 2 digit year
shows up in the message on the console.
Not the 4 digit year I specified on the validator.

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