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Value attribute of <html:checkbox

Raman Garg



I have a checkbox and i want to assign value attribute in <html:checkbox
and that value should be my "id" value. How should i do that?? by default it is taking value="on" but i don't want this.

<html:checkbox property="deleteItem" value="??">
here i want value to be my "id" value of table.. i have this string in <logic:iterate loop

What I did till now:

I have <bean:define id="val1" name="subfilters" property="subFilterId"/>
and assign   this as <html:checkbox property="subfilterids" value="<%=val1%>">
still it is not working and giving me error

this may be simple issue.. but i have tried and couln't find solution.. Pls help.

Raman Garg
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