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5.0.18: Windows XP Pro vs Windows 2000

Merrill Cornish



I have Windows XP Pro at home and Windows 2000 at work. I run Tomcat on
both of them, and I try to keep identical environments on both.
However, it's not easy.

Under 5.0.16, I would run it as a server on XP, but not 2000. Under
5.0.18, I got it running as a server on 2000 immediately while XP took
many installs, uninstalls, reboots and what not. (I still don't know
what I finally did to get it to work.)

After getting 5.0.18 to run under XP, I tried launching my application.
Entering "http://localhost/timesheet" into the browser got a Page Not
Found and did not resolve to "https://localhost/timesheet/login.jsp" as
it should. Examining the log showed that the
"localhost-timesheet_log.txt" log file defined in the <Context> element
for the timesheet application in server.xml didn't exist either. Tomcat
seemed to be ignoring my application and its context even when I tried
using the same conf\server.xml and conf\web.xml files that had worked on
Windows 2000.

The stdout.logdid exist and showed that the various example contexts
(servlet-examples, jsp-examples, balancer, etc.) had been initialized
even though mine application hadn't. There were no error messages.
Then I noticed that the samples didn't have a <Context> element in the
server.xml file. Instead, they had a *.xml file in their application
directory with ONLY the <Context> element in it (i.e., not a well-formed
XML file).

When I made a copy of my application's <Context> element shown below
and put it in "...\webapps\timesheet\timesheet.xml" it worked.

I've read the 5.0.18 release notes, the FAQ on the Jakarta website, and
the tomcat-docs distributed with 5.0.18. I can't find a reference to
these fragment files except for the mention of "Context Descriptions"
under Deployer. However, those files are nested under the conf
directory rather than under the application context.

Why does 5.0.18 recognize my application's <Context> element in the
server.xml file on Windows 2000 but will only recognize it in a
timesheet.xml file in my application directory on Windows XP? What is
the value of having three possible locations for the same information?
Where can I find it documented?



    <Context path="/timesheet" docBase="timesheet" debug="0"
          reloadable="true" crossContext="true">
      <Logger className="org.apache.catalina.logger.FileLogger"
           prefix="localhost_timesheet_log." suffix=".txt"

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