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HTTP Status 404-The requested resource is not available.

Zouhua Ding



I am posting this message seeking help.
We developed a web site in China called:
It runs well if you browse it from China. However,
it does not work well if you browse it from USA.
The problem can be described as the following:

1. from the first page, press "Öйú¾«Æ·¡¤", go to second
2. press "ÒôÏñ", then 404 error will be displayed:

HTTP Status 404 - /
type Status report
message /
description The requested resource (/ is not available.
Apache Tomcat/4.1.27

I have asked many people to test it in different places in USA,
and they found the same problem.
Please give me help. Thanks in advance!

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