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TransferObject - Strategy

Pavel Kusch



I would like to ask you a question about transfer objects. Should they be only data holders for traversing tiers or can they contain some functionality?
By functionality I mean for example checking if all the fields have allowed values. Or, say you want to create XML out of the fields. I have 3 different dataholders which will go into session which will just transform the fields in XML and pass them into JMS queue. I am supposed to have 3 methods which would do basically the same only the XML would be different. So I was thinking that having one dataholder interface and 3 different implementation would allow me to have just one method and use polymorphism. It seems to me that having three similar methods is obvious code smell - code duplication.
So, I would like to have something like.
public interface TransferObject {
    boolean validate();
    String toXML();
Thank  you very much for your opinion.
Pavel Kusch
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