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Re: Separating SQL from code

Jean-Christian Imbeault



> From: Sean Brydon
> a couple strategies to consider. One is that you can
> externalize the SQL and put it into an XML file. This is
> discussed at
> and is implemented in the JavaPetstore. This is mostly done
> for portability since sometimes SQL is not that portable.

Thanks for the link. This seems to be exactly the kind of pattern/concept I
was looking for. Now I just need to figure out how it is implemented and
come up with a design that I can apply to our project.

If anyone else has any information or links on this kind of SQL
externalization and how to implement it please let me know!

> another strategy is to use CMP, Container Managed
> Persistence, with EJBs.

EJBs are beyond my comprehension at the moment :(



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