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DAO relation with business object

Deblauwe, Wim


I've looking at the DAO pattern lately and have some problems with it. Especially what is ment by Business Object and ValueObject?
In my words I would call a class User that is a POJO a Business Object, and I would place it in a package "business".
I would then have a class ValueUser in my data package that has all the same methods as business.User. In fact, business.User is just a delegate to data.ValueUser.
Is this already correct? Or is the business class something else and is my User class already a ValueObject?
2nd problem:
When I then create my DAO, e.g. UserDAO. This would typically reside in the data package. There are 2 options then:
public User getUser(int id);
public ValueUser getUser(id);
If my business.User class is already a ValueObject, then a class from my data-layer is dependant on a class from my business-layer. This would be undesirable I think.
Otherwise we refer to the ValueUser which is in the same layer, so this seems ok. But when you try to unit-test User when it is just a delegate for ValueUser, you will do this:
ValueUser valueUser = new ValueUser();
valueUser.setName( "testName" );
... some more here
User user = new User();
user.setValueObject( valueUser );
assertEquals( user.getName(), "testName" );
And I really don't like this. You have to create 2 objects, where 1 should be enough.
I hope the people on this list can help me find some answers,

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